A Franchise Model to Compliment Your Wax Center Portfolio

Already own a Waxing or hair removal franchise franchise and looking to diversify your franchise portfolio with a complementary brand? A salon suite offers you a semi-absentee model so you can devote your attention where it’s needed most.


As the owner of a wax center franchise, you are already a part of one of the country’s biggest names in beauty. Hair removal franchises rely less on foot traffic than name-brand recognition and repeat business, and the clientele that a wax center franchise attracts may be thrilled to find complementary service providers under the same ownership. By diversifying your investment portfolio with a salon suite franchise, you open yourself up to a wider range of potential customers. Because the highly lucrative, recession-resistant salon industry is an ideal platform for cross-promotion, MY SALON Suite offers franchise owners the perfect opportunity to expand and diversify, thereby optimizing real estate benefits and both growing and retaining a customer base. 


Adding a complementary business to your waxing franchise with MY SALON Suite will satisfy current clientele and increase revenue potential while still allowing you to maintain a semi-absentee ownership position. The MY SALON Suite model is based on intuitive diversification. If you’re having success with your EWC franchise, it follows to expand with similar yet varied offerings that will grow your client base.  Connect with your customers to find out what types of products and services they might appreciate convenient access to beyond what your hair removal franchise has to offer. 

By sticking to adjacent market spaces that are intuitive additions to your current business — like barbering, massage, cosmetics — you’ll gain the benefits of a new acquisition without having to learn the ins and outs of an entirely new industry. Any additions you make to your investment portfolio should offer variety to your clientele while staying in line with your own values and goals as a business owner. 

While owning multiple franchises may seem like an overwhelming proposition, MY SALON Suite takes the guesswork and legwork out of business ownership with a well-established system that provides freedom, support, and high earning potential in a competitive marketplace. 


Ranked a Top Franchise in 2022 by Franchise Business Review for our flexible ownership model and high earning potential, MY SALON Suite offers entrepreneurial-minded investors the opportunity to build a beauty empire and take charge of their future. 

Within the stable salon industry, salon suite franchises are quickly becoming the most popular investments for forward-thinking business owners. As opposed to a traditional one-stop salon where stylists pay the salon to rent a single-chair station, salon suite owners give stylists and aestheticians the opportunity to essentially run their own business under your roof while you oversee your business from a semi-absentee vantage point. Operating as a sort of salon industry consortium, every player is invested in each other’s success. Both you and the professionals who operate within your building(s) stand to benefit from complementary brands and services. 

The clients who frequent your hair removal franchise will likely be drawn to other beauty, salon, and self-care related brands, presenting you with the perfect opportunity to expand and mitigate your risk should one store face unforeseen challenges. MY SALON Suite’s business model is perfect for a range of investors including experienced franchisees, independent business owners, and those with a focus on a separate career track. Most of our franchisees find that they only need to dedicate 10 or so hours a week to their salon suite franchise, freeing up time to dedicate to other pursuits. 


MY SALON Suite has been helping entrepreneurs and beauty industry professionals grow their business across the U.S. for over 10 years. As a renowned and respected franchise, MSS supports its owners with a tried and tested business model and world-class support at every step along the way. 

To learn more about building a thriving business network with MY SALON Suite, request franchise information