Explore Semi-Absentee Franchising with MY SALON Suite

In the fast-paced business world, people are often looking to have more flexibility, and a higher quality of life, to spend more time with family and friends without having to make any type of financial sacrifice.

Luckily, MY SALON Suite offers a semi-absentee business model, meaning you can join a lifestyle business that gives you the freedom you want while still making money.

Ideal for the multi-unit franchise partner that can optimize the economies of scale, your location could be run by experienced full-time managers. This makes it easier to keep your job as you establish your first salon and easier to open more locations in the future.

As a MY SALON Suite franchise partner, you are joining a community of committed and passionate people. Althoughmany MY SALON Suite franchise partners enjoy spending time at their locations, many also report that they spend anywhere from 5-10 hours a week actually working on their business once their occupancy levels reached 85% plus.

Our systems were carefully designed to support your growth, no matter how far you wish to take it. With franchise partners owning and developing multi-unit stores, our business model has shown its strength for replication, which affords franchise partners the confidence they need to execute the plan and expand.

Those interested in franchise opportunities don’t necessarily need to be actively involved with running the business. MY SALON Suite offers the unique opportunity for you to be closely involved in managing the business until it can manage itself. Now is the time to consider semi-absentee franchises like MY SALON Suite for your diversification strategy.

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