Fall in Love with Your Career; Invest in MY SALON Suite

February is a month full of love and new beginnings. Whether you’re planning for the future, diversifying your portfolio, or entering entrepreneurship as a new career track, franchising with MY SALON Suite is certainly a path to consider.

Reputable franchises present several unique benefits, including investing with a brand that already has an established identity, and launching a business without starting from scratch. MY SALON Suite can offer those benefits and more, including: 

  • Recurring revenue systems from members that are paying rent in exchange for space in your salon 
  • Brands designed for a great customer experience, meaning more customer conversions and lower turnover, which helps maintain a predictable cash flow 
  • Ongoing franchisor support and opportunity to invest in a proven business model
  • The Suite Relief Fund– St. Jude Partnership 
  • New interior design standards, new suite furniture, new security advancement and more energy efficient equipment 
  • Continued growth: 
    1. Since 2015, 112 franchise agreements have been signed representing a total of 352 locations between MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza 
    2. Occupancy rates were at an all-time high in 2018 versus all previous years
    3. Our Net Promoter Score (82) has increased 11 points from 2017 

Founded to inspire and empower the modern day salon owner, MY SALON Suite is a perfect fit for entrepreneurial-spirited individuals interested in joining the beauty industry while living a semi-absentee lifestyle. Many of our franchise partners have past and present business executive experience and are seeking an investment opportunity that is scalable, requires a minimum number of employees and offers the option to keep their day job; all while building a business!

Begin to fall in love with your career by investing in MY SALON Suite.