Opening a Salon Suite: How to Create a Stand-out Salon Suite

Beauty professionals choose to partner with salon suites so they can independently grow their own businesses. Here’s how to create a salon suite they’ll love.


Salon suites have been on the rise for the past several years, and they are definitely the future of the beauty salon industry, both for stylists and franchise owners. The benefits for salon suite owners include flexibility, opportunities for multi-unit expansion, and high earning potential in a booming industry. If managed well, the opportunities and benefits aren’t much different for the beauty professionals operating within the suites.

The shutdown and stay-at-home orders of 2020 were particularly hard on the beauty industry. Typically, salon professionals see upwards of 10 clients a day for in-person interactions. This, of course, was limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, with lifting restrictions, many professionals who were forced to pause their careers or work from home are excited to get back to work in vibrant, well-managed salon spaces. Customers are also thrilled to return to in-person salon visits, a prospect that should create a wave of new business opportunities for both beauty professionals and the salon suites they work from.

When opening a salon suite, your focus should be on providing the most optimal space and experience to attract and retain beauty professionals, giving them a place to thrive and call their own as they grow their business. 


The mission of MY SALON Suite owners has always been to inspire and support independent beauty professionals by providing them a full-capability, turn-key space in which to conduct their business and provide top-quality services to their customers. By doing everything in our power to ensure their success, everyone reaps the rewards. To date, MY SALON Suite has helped over 5,000 independent salon professionals go into business for themselves, and we intend to help more. 

MY SALON Suite allows beauty professionals to set their own hours, prices, and policies, while additionally encouraging them to personalize their rented suites to make them uniquely their own. Unlike other more traditional salon spaces where beauty professionals simply pay a fee plus commissions to rent a chair, station, or room, MY SALON Suite gives beauticians, massage therapists, and the like a different kind of freedom.


MY SALON Suite’s Suite Elite program offers members a world-class working environment and networking advantages. This program is perfect for professionals who want to run their own business but never feel alone. When opening a salon suite, it’s important to consider programs like these for your tenants. A large part of being a suite owner is providing viable opportunities to the next wave of entrepreneurs. 

Advantages of MY SALON Suite’s Elite program for beauty professionals include:

  • Freedom to set your own hours. Our salon suites are secured with double-door entry and motion-controlled lights, ensuring secure entry, no matter the time of day you choose to operate your business. Our spaces are always available to tenants and their customers, so they never have to worry about time restrictions when booking appointments.
  • No charged commissions. MY SALON Suite professionals keep 100 percent of their profits because the business is all theirs. This is a unique point of value within the salon suite industry; and one we are proud to offer. 
  • Privacy and comfort. Each MY SALON Suite space is roomy and adaptable, allowing beauty professionals the freedom to personalize and situate their suite as they see fit. Each suite includes top-of-the-line salon equipment, stations, and total privacy for them to conduct their business and appeal to both their new and already loyal customer base. 
  • Amenities and other benefits. MY SALON Suite prides itself on offering affordable rental costs that cover a variety of amenities to take the strain off of busy professionals so they can focus on doing what they do best. In addition to state-of-the-art stations and customizable functions, MY SALON Suite provides access to Square for all payments and scheduling, as well as other beneficial technological capabilities. 
  • Commitment to helping others. MY SALON Suite is dedicated to fostering growth in our communities, be it the beauty community or the community at large. Through partnering with St. Jude Research Hospital, we are funding causes we believe in and giving beauty professionals yet another reason to understand why MY SALON Suite is the ultimate partnership.


The benefits of MY SALON Suite are two-fold: franchise owners can enjoy the freedom and support of a brand recently named a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review, and beauty professionals will enjoy the chance to control their own workspace, set their own hours, and conduct their business how they want to. 

Franchisees opening a salon suite also have the luxury of running a successful business without the hassle of payroll or managing employees. Most MY SALON Suite franchise owners put about five to 10 hours a week into their business — leaving the rest of their week to be spent at a full-time job, in retirement, or however they choose. MY SALON Suite is proud to exemplify the ultimate salon suite experience for a community of beauty professionals and potential franchise owners alike. Visit our website to learn more about MY SALON Suite’s franchise opportunities.