Franchise Training: What to Expect from Your Franchisor

Perhaps the greatest benefit of becoming a franchisee is the franchise training and support to which entrepreneurs are entitled; and the reassurance that comes from a partnership with a proven business model. As a franchisee, you don’t have to go at it alone.

To be successful, franchisees need to understand the brand, the business model, and the systems needed to make it successful. To maximize the opportunity, franchisors should offer comprehensive training and support to new franchisees.

Here’s an overview of what to expect from the franchisor and how to find the details you need to feel confident in a new business opportunity.

Where to Find Details: Review Your Franchise Agreement

There’s no uniform set of expectations for franchise training and support because every franchise is different. Some franchise agreements entitle franchisees to more support than others, which is why it’s important to review this section of your franchise agreement carefully.

Perhaps the best way to get honest feedback about the level of training and support you can expect to receive is by contacting current franchisees. Most franchisors will provide a list of names and contact information, but you can also reach out organically by researching locations yourself.

Franchise owners will be able to describe how the words on paper in the franchise agreement translate to reality and will explain areas of strength and possible weaknesses.

General Training & Support to Expect

Franchisors want you to succeed. It’s good for your bottom line, and it’s good for their business success, too. As part of your agreement, you are required to run your franchise according to their standards. For that reason, good franchisors provide high-quality support throughout the process of launching your business to training your staff.

Location Selection

Putting your business in a location where customers need your services is the key to your success. Choosing the right location requires market research. You should expect a franchisor to assist you with the selection process.

Lease/Construction/Design Support

Franchisors typically require a brand-standard design across their locations. They also have preferred vendors and required equipment and systems. Franchisees should have clear instructions and assistance from a franchise representative throughout the construction process, so they have the resources they need to create a space according to the brand’s vision.

Marketing and Recruiting

In addition to the initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty fees, many franchises charge a monthly marketing and advertising fee. This fee entitles you to marketing support before and after your business opens to get customers in the door. The amount of support you’ll receive depends on the franchisor, but details should be outlined clearly in a marketing plan.

Additionally, you can expect advice from your franchisor in regard to employee recruitment. As a MY SALON Suite franchisee, you can also expect help with recruiting tenants, referred to as “Members,” who are the salon professionals who rent space from your salon complex.

Initial Training

Franchises operate with software and systems unique to their respective business, and franchisees should expect training to learn how to use the systems efficiently. Every industry has different standards and procedures, so formal training is ideal to optimize success.

For example, new owners of MY SALON Suite franchise locations spend several days at MY SALON Suite Franchise University. They learn how to lease the suites, how to speak with salon professionals, and how to create a meaningful community at each salon. Franchisees have the opportunity to sharpen their skills to have confidence in their investment.

Ongoing Support

The training and support do not stop after you open the doors to your business. Franchisees should expect free-flowing information and communication from a franchise representative. The franchisor should be available to answer questions and provide support promptly when needed.

Consider MY SALON Suite

As a MY SALON Suite franchise owner, you can count on comprehensive training and support, from choosing the right location, store design, and marketing strategies, to recruiting motivated Members to rent and fill your salon. We help you build it. We help you fill it. Most importantly, we help you keep it full.

Our franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, but most have a common goal: to continue building on their success as an entrepreneur. The MY SALON Suite business model is unique because it offers investors the opportunity to grow a business capable of generating strong returns while acting as a leader to other budding entrepreneurs in the beauty profession.

Learn more about who we are looking for and how to become a franchise owner.