Hair Salon Franchises vs. Opening a Salon Suite: Which is Best?

Before you purchase a hair salon franchise, not only will you need to research brands — you’ll need to research different types of salons. Make sure you understand all available options before you make the commitment. Here’s how traditional salons compare to salon suites, and which are most in-demand.

What types of hair salon franchise opportunities are out there?

You may be more familiar with traditional hair salon franchises, but salon suites are growing in popularity. They already have a sturdy foothold in the beauty industry, and their roots are getting stronger.

There is a traditional hair salon franchise in practically every mall or outdoor shopping center in the country. These salons — like Fantastic Sams, Supercuts, and Great Clips — attract families on a budget. Busy customers come and go in between running errands. Every salon looks the same, and stylists may not be able to build solid relationships with their customers.

On the other hand, salon suite franchises, like MY SALON Suite, allow stylists to essentially run their own businesses. These stylists must bring in their own customers, and they build clientele either through word-of-mouth or social media. It’s up to them, but their skills as beauticians do all the work.

Why is a salon suite franchise better than a traditional hair salon franchise?

Salon suites are a growing trend in the beauty industry. The salon sector itself has deep roots, and entrepreneurs can expect a certain amount of success in this recession-resistant industry. But now, the salon suite trend is taking over, and more and more customers are waiting at the doors.

As a MY SALON Suite franchisee, you may find you have more time on your hands than if you purchased a traditional hair salon franchise. With few to no employees, you’ll be joining a lifestyle business that gives you the freedom you want while still making money.

MY SALON Suite attracts franchise partners who want to replace their six-figure incomes and live the semi-absentee lifestyle. Our franchise partners primarily make money through the rent collected from their stylists, much like an apartment complex. While you may serve as a mentor for your stylists, they essentially run their own businesses. It’s a win-win!

Why do stylists prefer working at a salon suite?

Stylists, called Members at MY SALON Suite, love the freedom and ownership they receive while working at MY SALON Suite. They are able to build their clientele, run their own business, and decorate however they see fit. All this comes with the support of working within the walls of an established brand.

MY SALON Suite members set their own hours and prices. All suites are private, include high-end equipment, and are super secure. MY SALON Suite covers all utilities, including A/C and Wi-Fi. It’s no wonder so many stylists interested in running their own shop are flocking to MY SALON Suite!

Prospective hair salon franchise owners will want to explore all the benefits of owning a traditional salon versus a salon suite franchise. But salon suites are in style, and this trend isn’t going away.

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