How to Attract Commercial Tenants to Rent Your Extra Space

One of the main perks of owning a MY SALON Suite location is that you have the freedom to be a semi-absent franchisee. You do not need to be at the salon 24/7. You essentially serve as a landlord, and the stylists in your salon, called Members, are your tenants. They pay you to rent space and run their own businesses.

The key to your success as a MY SALON Suite franchise owner is to fill your salon with successful commercial tenants. Learn how to attract the tenants you want, and learn what they want in a commercial rental space.

How to Attract Stylists

Finding the right tenants is key to renting out commercial spaces. There is more to this than simply ensuring every space in your salon is occupied. You want to attract and retain successful stylists who are enthusiastic about their careers. You want to create a community in which your Members can connect and thrive. After all, when the stylists who rent your space are successful, so are you.

Help from MY SALON Suite

As a MY SALON Suite franchise owner, it is your responsibility to find commercial tenants to fill your space. However, you are not alone. MY SALON Suite helps you with the process of attracting and retaining Members. MY SALON Suite will train you in every aspect of what it takes to recruit qualified salon professionals and running a successful salon suite franchise. MY SALON Suite assigns you a marketing manager who will help you in your recruiting efforts.

Stylist Referrals

One great way to attract new stylists is through your current stylists. They may have former colleagues or classmates who may be a great fit for MY SALON Suite. By setting up a creative, welcoming, and professional environment, your current stylists will feel comfortable inviting other stylists to come to your salon. They may have insight into certain stylists who are searching to branch out and run their own businesses.

Social Media

There may never be a better time to up your social media game than when you are searching for new tenants. Encourage your stylists to post pictures showing off their work. Invite them to join a group to help foster the community within your salon. Don’t be shy about sharing good news, success stories, or community involvement related to your salon. The more you, your stylists, and your salon are on social media, the more likely you are to attract new talent.

How to Retain Stylists

Not only do you want to attract commercial tenants, but you also want to retain them. Many of the same features that help you attract successful stylists will make them want to stay. Additionally, these features will encourage stylists to invite other stylists to join the team.

Their Business is Their Own

Stylists love the freedom and ownership they receive while working at MY SALON Suite. They build their clientele, run their own businesses, and decorate according to their personal style. MY SALON Suite Members set their own hours and prices. All suites are private and secure.

Built-In Benefits

As MY SALON Suite Members, stylists get the freedom of running their own businesses along with the support of working with an established brand. Everything they need is provided, and they can create the suite of their dreams. Every suite comes with high-end equipment and furniture; that includes a styling station with a full-size mirror, a color bar with a sink, a hair-washing sink and chair, and plenty of storage. MY SALON Suite covers all utilities, including A/C and Wi-Fi.

Community of Creatives

Members enjoy the freedom of owning their own salons while still being part of a community. MY SALON Suite encourages a strong community environment within each salon. Our Members are confident, stylish, and creative, and they represent the best beauty professionals in the business.

Attract and Retain Stylists

Stylists who want to establish their own salons will flock to MY SALON Suite because of the unique combination of freedom and structure. They can be as creative as they want, work their own schedules, and build their own clientele, all while working with an established brand.

MY SALON Suite can help you seek out potential stylists and recruit them to join your team.
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