MY SALON Suite Franchisee Believes Veterans Are a Perfect Fit for the Franchise

With Veteran’s Day this month, we want to take a moment to appreciate the hard work each and every veteran has put into protecting our country. 
We would like to honor MY SALON Suite franchisee Jim Provo, who served 11 years in the U.S. Navy as a submariner and nuclear engineer. Stationed in places such as Hawaii, California and South Carolina, among others, Jim learned discipline, how to be mission focused and how to make use of the resources at hand. ​

Jim took those tools with him when he opened his first MY SALON Suite location in Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife, Kim, in 2015. The Provos opened their second location in Dover earlier this year, and are starting to look for a third. Jim and Kim were attracted to MY SALON Suite because of the opportunity to help others start their own businesses. The couple enjoys being able to foster the growth of their MY SALON Suite members.

Although Jim misses the Navy, he says he had a fairly easy transition into business ownership. Jim’s military experience taught him to look at what task needs to be accomplished and figure out how to do it with the resources he has. He believes veterans are a perfect fit to own a MY SALON Suite franchise because their military experience has taught them how to be successful while following a process.

“Vets are great at getting things done while following a plan or procedure. MY SALON Suite lends itself perfectly to that because of the assistance the franchise gives,” Jim says. “The support and proven system that MY SALON Suite offers is a way for veterans to accomplish the mission – to follow the plan to success.” 

As a franchise partner with MY SALON Suite, Jim recruits and leases suites to salon professionals. Members are provided with proactive building maintenance and support with business development, among other services. In addition to being a business owner, Jim enjoys scuba diving, hiking and spending time with his family.

MY SALON Suite is a proud partner of VetFran, the leading source of resources for veterans and veteran spouses entering the franchise industry. MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza offer a 10 percent discount on the brand’s franchise fees to military veterans and spouses in conjunction with VetFran, putting business ownership even closer within grasp.

Learn more about MY SALON Suite and VetFran partnership.