MY SALON Suite Offers Lucrative Semi-Absentee Ownership Opportunity

Independent salon professionals are increasingly looking to set up a business where they can be their own boss. And one semi-absentee ownership opportunity, MY SALON Suite, offers them just that chance.

Salon professionals don’t want to be too heavily invested in the overhead of maintaining a salon. MY SALON Suite franchise partners offer such entrepreneurs a way out: fully equipped, upscale salon suites with a styling station and full-length mirror, shampoo sink, color station and storage. ​

One of the many attractive propositions about MY SALON Suite, which was voted as one of the “Top New Franchises of 2017,” is that it is a strong semi-absentee ownership opportunity. Franchise partners for MY SALON Suite forge strong ties with local communities to drive up occupancy rates in their locations. 

An independent franchise partner will spend a fair amount of time investing in the business as it ramps up and looks for salon professionals to lease space to. As occupancy rates are achieved, franchise partners can choose to invest less time and enjoy work-life balance, with much of the business running on autopilot.

MY SALON Suite is also perfect for multi-unit franchise partners who can hire managers at each location. Such economies of scale lets entrepreneurs ramp up quickly by assigning leasing and operational tasks to managers. When a MY SALON Suite is in full gear, the franchise partner can choose to spend as little as five to ten hours a week. 

Given that talented salon professionals are looking to become their own boss and focus on their talent, MY SALON Suite affords a ripe semi-absentee ownership opportunity to deliver just that. Passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for a new way of leveraging their sales and management experience will find a fulfilling outlet in MY SALON Suite. 

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