MY SALON Suite’s Successful Response to a Global Pandemic

MY SALON Suite has been social distancing since before it was a thing! The salon suites are set up to allow one-on-one beauty services in a private and enclosed space. Originally, this was meant to cut down on outside distractions, allowing stylists to build relationships with their clients in a relaxed setting. Now, it means a safer place for clients to get their hair cut.

When COVID-19 forced each of our locations to close, MY SALON Suite jumped in to make sure each of our franchise owners received the support they needed to stay afloat. Now, every location is trending at making a full recovery.

Pandemic Impact on Salons

Typically, the beauty industry doesn’t waver. Rain or shine, customers flock to salons to get their hair cut. Entrepreneurs consider this a safe, promising path to success. The pandemic shook the beauty industry, as it did many other industries frequently considered recession-resistant.

The pandemic forced every MY SALON Suite location to temporarily close. When people were forced to stay at home, services that are frequently considered essential (like getting a haircut) were put on hold. Salons and businesses everywhere went on standby —but MY SALON Suite made sure its franchise partners were never in it alone.

MY SALON Suite Assists Franchisees

While temporarily shut down, MY SALON Suite franchisees waived 100 percent of the rent paid by their stylists. In turn, they received plenty of support. Suite Management Franchising (SMF), the parent company of MY SALON Suite, waived royalties for franchise owners. SMF also waived the monthly national advertising and tech fees for the months of April and May.

SMF took proactive measures to get every franchisee to apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) where applicable. SMF also supported efforts by MY SALON Suite franchise owners to get relief from landlords and lenders. At the end of April, 68 percent of MY SALON Suite franchise partners received landlord relief, and 85 percent received relief from their lenders.

By mid-August, 95 percent of MY SALON Suite locations were open and operating. Not only that, they are now in very high demand.

Post-Pandemic Forecast for Salons

MY SALON Suite expects every location to make a full recovery —and then some. Stores are reopening at higher occupancies than when they closed. The focus has been on welcoming back existing members,
but salons are turning their attention to making room for more clients. People can’t wait to get their hair cut, and they are making up for lost time.

MY SALON Suite locations offer a haven for customers who need a haircut but are worried about COVID-19 exposure. Within each studio, beauty professionals have more control over sanitation in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Walk-ins are prohibited, and stylists screen guests prior to entering the establishment. They properly clean and disinfect the space and tools between each client. Stylists and customers are easily able to maintain social distance from the other beauty professionals and clients.

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